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Melissa Ruttle, Owner

“Color is in my DNA.”
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Color is more than a hobby for me…it’s a way of life. Long before I began my own business, I was classically trained in color theory and design. Then I spent over 12 years in the textile industry in Manhattan, with companies like Dan River, Springmaid and Liz Claiborne. I learned every aspect of that business, designing, overseeing colorways, presenting to the retail market. This means I understand color. I know their scientific makeups, how they work with light, space and fabric.

“The myth of The Bossy Designer is just that—a myth.”

People are often wary of working with a designer because they fear their own preferences will be ignored in favor of the designer’s sense of what’s right or wrong. I’d rather be more a guide and use my knowledge to show how the colors you like are working in your home as well as how furnishings, window treatments and furniture placement help create spaces you love to live in. That can’t happen if I put my own likes & dislikes ahead of your preferences.

“My Philosophy and Approach to Helping You Get the Look You Love in Your Home is Simple, Not Complicated.”

Whether you want a hand in picking out a wall accessory or window treatment or help with furnishing an entire room, I am here for you with an objective eye.  No request is too small…no job is too big.  I take the stress out of the decision-making process for you.  And the beauty of this approach is that you get exactly what you want without the worry…period.

“And Don’t We All Seek the Same Thing… to Love the Home We Live In!”

A happily married mother of two teenagers and a sweet rescue dog, I have resided in Central Massachusetts in a lovingly restored farmhouse with historic ties to my community for almost 20 years.  My passion and ability to use color combined with my decorating skills provide me with a home that I love to live in and entertain in.  It is for this reason that I understand what my clients’ needs are and how important it is to provide them with the look they will love.