Color (Interior & Exterior)


It’s not hard to see why painting provides the biggest return for the lowest cost of all home projects. A skillfully-designed color scheme can transform any house into a beautiful home to be proud of…and picking great colors for a single room or an entire house is my specialty. As an experienced Manhattan colorist, I offer a stress-free color consultation and provide individualized color solutions to achieve beauty in your home. It is my pleasure to refer clients to the best professional painters to complete the project. I also offer exterior color selections for new home construction, historic homes, condominiums, apartments, and detached buildings including sheds and barns.


Your business is your livelihood. Color Consulting & Decorating understands how colors can create an effect on emotions and alter the mood of an office or business…for the better. A color consultation and a new coat of fresh paint in a lobby, waiting room or office will rejuvenate a tired space into a soothing or productive surrounding for your customers and employees.

Fabrics (window treatments, upholstery, etc.)

From pillows to draperies and from bedrooms to living rooms, textiles can be used in many places and in many ways. Deciding on which color, pattern and price point can be overwhelming.

Color Consulting and Decorating offers a trained eye for the selection of fabrics to complement your existing room décor or for a new, updated look.  Whether you want to change the style or color of a room or make a serious statement with a pattern or texture, my experience spanning over two decades is an advantage when selecting fabric.

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Too much of one thing is just as bad as too little of another.  Achieving balance and harmony of accessories and décor items in a home provides us with difficult choices – where not to put things and where to put things.

Fortunately, I offer selection and shopping services for décor and accessories as well as professional advice for arranging or rearranging wall art, lighting, decorative items and more.  I have found that the art of accessorizing can make your home beautiful .

I also specialize in the selection of room essentials including tile, countertops, backsplashes, custom linens and more.

Furniture Selection & Layout

Oftentimes we get overwhelmed by the vast selection of available furniture.  With thousands of furniture pieces ranging in quality and style, it’s a wonder anyone can make such an important decision.

I offer a better way to shop for furniture by researching and selecting furniture for you based on your décor and needs.  By combining my interior design skills, color expertise and textile knowledge, I can source one piece or an entire room.

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Carpet and Flooring

Searching for a new carpet or rug can be daunting with such a range of patterns, colors and options.  Let me provide you with a selection of floor coverings to ensure that you get the best quality carpet or rug that provides comfort, durability and beauty in your home.

If your rugs and carpets are in need of a cleaning, I will recommend professional carpet cleaning services.


So many books, so little time! Wallpaper selection can make you dizzy.

Color Consulting and Decorating takes all the stress out of choosing wallpaper with personalized services including wallpaper selection, wall preparation advice, and simple answers to your most challenging questions.  Having designed textiles in NYC, I understand the art of color and pattern design, and most importantly, how it will look in your home. Upon request, I will recommend professional wallpaper hangers to complete the job.