Our family highly recommends Melissa Ruttle for so many reasons. She listens to her clients and makes designing decisions a delight. What would ordinarily be an overwhelming job for us has instead been lots of fun. We've used her not only for paint color decisions but for wallpaper choices, window treatments, woodworking recommendations and even wall hanging and light fixture choices. There is nothing Melissa cannot do! Patty H., Holden, MA
Melissa is the BEST! She has been a tremendous help on several remodeling projects, helping with simple things like color selections and design ideas, to larger projects like a recent full bathroom remodel! She really has a talent to identify your style and make your visions come to reality. I've known Melissa for 9 years and I will never do a remodel without her! Cindy B., Marlborough, MA
Working with a talented professional like Melissa was absolutely worth it. We couldn't be happier with the results. Jessica H., Princeton, MA
I love working with Melissa. The very first time she visited my home, she instantly picked up on my style. I enjoy coming up with decorating ideas (paint colors and fabrics) and running them by Melissa's very discerning eye. She is an excellent brainstorming partner and I'm always excited when she comes to my house. It is like catching up with a good friend, who just happens to know a lot about interior design! Rebecca H., Harvard, MA